Demonetisation: Modi’s ‘Digi Dhan Abhiyan’ intends to provide financial literacy to 1 crore citizens from rural India!

The Government has launched a Digi Dhan Abhiyan program to educate the citizens of rural India on cashless transactions in the wake of the demonetisation of high value currency notes. According to the Government, training the rural population and getting them familiar with digital transactions is another step in the effort to eradicate the problems of black money and corruption.

The program
The program includes registering citizens, directing and educating the local population to electronic transactions, activating electronic points of sale, enabling merchants to go cashless, and providing more micro ATMs.

Practices in action
The Government is also holding awareness sessions, in order to inform the citizens about policies, aspects and the options available for financial transactions. The citizens are also being informed about the various methods of cashless payments available, including banking cards, point of sale services, internet banking, USSD, AEPS, UPI, Mobile Wallets, mobile banking and Micro Atms.


Both shopkeepers and merchants are being persuaded to start heading for these form of payments. The programs are being conducted at the panchayat, district and block levels.

Target of the Project
The target of the project is to educate over 1 crore or 10 million citizens from rural and semi-urban India, with the goal of reaching every single one of the 2,50,000 panchayats across the country. The plan is to reach at least forty households and ten shopkeepers in every panchayat. There will be an acute focus on women, farmers, merchants and small traders.

PM Modi’s CALL to action
Prime minister Narendra Modi aspires to reach out to people residing in rural areas through the program. A translated version of his call to action is “Your mobile phone is no longer just your mobile phone, it is also your bank and your wallet. You can manage all your affairs without having to even touch money.” IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad is persuading users to switch to cashless transactions with the message “Cashless Economy is the new era of digital revolution that has made money transfer an easy process. I urge everyone to not only use digital payment system but also encourage and train others in doing the same.”


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