Arvind Kejriwal Gives Out Another Misleading Information About

Not the one to miss an opportunity to attack Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday hit out at the Prime minister over the hilarious fake notes dispensed by an SBI ATM in South Delhi.

We have seen Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeting and retweeting fake News, propagandas against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Central government through his official Twitter handle and Facebook Page. Again Kejriwal went mad when a person named Rohit found his hard earned money in fake currency notes from ATM issued by “Children Bank Of India”. He did what he’s best in doing, yes blamed PM Modi for this too!

Aam Aadmi Party that emerged out from a non-corruption movement and gave truckloads of fake promises to the people of Delhi now looks to be concentrating on every state except the one in which they have emerged as winners.

Kejriwal left Delhi 3 months ago to fight Punjab Elections, then came back, reviewed the movie Raees which he thought was more important than looking after the capital, then he again took a 15 days secret vacation to Bangalore with an excuse of medical check up and the Delhi government paid 33 Lakhs for his treatment. But finally, after coming back from all this he did what he’s best in doing, blame PM Modi for every possible thing happening in the country!

Without knowing the proper news, prior facts and proofs he directly blamed PM Modi. He wrote on his twitter handle “Aadmi Notes Theek se nahi chhap sakta vo Desh Kya Khaak Chalayega”?

The real culprit behind this fake “churan” note was identified to be Mohammed Isha, but who will even explain this to Arvind Kejriwal?
In Kejriwal’s dictionary, everything seems to end with PM Modi. When will Kejriwal stop being a bed bug? If Narendra Modi starts pinning everything that Kejriwal has done on his twitter handle we don’t think Kejriwal would continue using Twitter anymore. Despite being so savagely trolled how does he even get the courage to tweet something so misleading and blame PM Modi for everything? Disgusting.


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