Uncommon Rituals which are one of the reasons behind making India ‘INCREDIBLE’

Weird stuffs often add spices to diversity. So, as the term diversity and India are never far apart; with so many cultures, languages, castes and colors, here we have a list of such uncommon and weird Indian rituals that will make you feel incredibly good!

1. Sindhu Darshan – Jammu & Kashmir
The Sindhu Darshan festival is celebrated with a lot of vigor by the people of Ladakh, region of jammu & Kashmir, to stress the importance of River Sindhu (Indus) as the cradle of Indian civilization. The River is considered a symbol of India’s unity, cultural identity and communal harmony.
Thousands of devotees come to pray and take a dip in the River Indus, which originates from the Mansarovar – the holy abode of Lord Shiva — in Tibet.

The festival also pays respect to the valiant soldiers who laid down their lives while fighting at Siachen, Kargil and other places. This festival was initiated in the year 1997 and is now organized annually at Leh in the month of May-June.


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2. Bhagoria festival – Madhya Pradesh
This festival is markedly different from any other festivals in India that held before the Holi festival. The Bhagoria festival, organized in the district of West Nimar (Khargon) and Jhabua, is all about a particular form of tribal marriage where young boys and girls are allowed to elope after choosing their partners.  During this festival of Bhil and Bhilala tribes the boy puts red powder on the face of the girl whom he wants to marry and if the girl is willing to marry that boy she puts the same red powder on the boy’s face. In case the girl refuses, the boy is given another chance to persuade her and win her heart.

3. Worshiping weapons – Ayudha/Astra Puja
It happens only in India, right? A part of the Navratra celebrations,  Ajudh or Astra Puja is an occasion to pay one’s respect to all tools, machinery, gadgets, implements and especially weapons. The rituals vary but this puja is observed across the country.

4. Puli Kali – Kerala

This festival is a riot of colors! The Puli Kali festival celebrated on 5th day of Onam. Properly trained dancers take their art form to the streets of Thrissur district in Kerala. These dancers are painted in bright shades of yellow, red and black.

5. Frog weddings – Assam and Maharashtra

Strange but again this unusual event of animal weddings takes place in certain villages in India propitiating the God of Rain. You may have witnessed such a ritual if you have visited certain villages across Meghalaya, Maharashtra, Assam, and Karnataka. Wedding of frogs, Dogs, and Donkeys are quite common in such villages.

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6. Pushkar Mela – Camel Fair, Rajasthan

Pushkar Mela is renowned all over the world. The history of the Festival mentions that all the 33 million Gods and goddesses of Hindu religion come to Pushkar Lake on the day of Poornima (full moon night) and sanctify the pious. As a result, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims congregate for a holy bath at the Pushkar Lake to wash out their misdeeds and show respect to the sole Brahma Mandir on the globe. A dip in the lake on this day implies washing away the sins. Apart from all, this festival is also famous for its spectacular camel fair.

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7. Worshipping Snakes on Nag Panchami

Another unusual ritual among the international travelers. Nag Panchami is a traditional Hindu festival where snakes or serpents are worshipped and ritualistic performances like bathing the idol of a serpent (made out of silver, wood or stone) with milk takes place. To witness this unusual event, you may step in places like Nagpur in Maharashtra, Panchmarhi in Madhya Pardesh, Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, and some rural areas in Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat, Orissa and West Bengal in between July and August.

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8. Vautha Mela – Gujrat

Dedicated to Lord Kartik, the Vautha Mela is one of the major religious events in Gujarat, is yet to reach the countrywide travelers’ minds. The fair is followed by trading of donkeys, usually by the gypsy traders. These donkeys are decorated in various colors that make them the major highlight of the fair. This event held in between October and November.

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9. Kila Raipur Rural Olympics – Punjab

The Kila Raipur Rural Olympics is an event that attracts a huge crowd of sports enthusiasts, including foreigners. It is held annually in between January and February in Kila Raipur, which is close to Ludhiana. This event has played a significant role in the development of tourism in Punjab. One can also witness many unusual activities like people lifting bicycles or ladders with their teeth; pulling cars with their hair, teeth or ears; and other daredevil stunts on bikes and horses at the Kila Raipur Rural Olympics.


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